Find breweries near you and earn rewards for visiting.

From money-saving offers to ale trail rewards. All are available in the Crackem smartphone app.

Craft Beer Drinkers! 

Whether you’re in your local city OR you’re on travel, knowing where to go to get your favorite beer is extremely important! 

Key Features

Location Aware

Open the app anywhere in the country and instantly find breweries near you and driving directions to get there.

Pay it Forward

Help support others in the craft beer community by buying a beer for a veteran, or first responder, or…well..anyone. And you can make them do something silly to redeem it.

Money-saving offers

Breweries thank you for supporting them by giving you an offer that can be redeemed at their venue.

Provide Feedback

Let the breweries know how they’re doing by answering a 1-question survey after checking in.

Surprise & Delight Ale Trail

Earn rewards by visiting Crackem breweries anywhere in the country. You might even get a gift just for checking-in.

What People are Saying

“It’s great that locations outside Florida are being added. I travel a lot and have checked in at breweries in 4 different states and looking to add more. Keep it up!”


“I’m finding breweries that I never knew existed and getting to try some amazing beer.”


“I love the fact that it’s right on my phone and I could get a reward just for checking in.”


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