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Economic Recovery Ale Trail

Attract more customers to your brewery by offering an limited edition T-shirt for anyone that checks-in at the specified number of participating breweries before the end of June.

BEERS Tshirt

Why Participate?

Florida Breweries

Any brewery in the state of Florida is welcome to participate. Having state-wide coverage gives locals and visitors an incentive to come by and check-in.


Don't ask your customers to carry a map or book to pass around. The convenience of the mobile app ensures it's always available.

No Inventory to Manage

As soon as the trail is over, know EXACTLY how many prizes need to be ordered and awarded. Prizes will be shipped to the winners and cost divided among all participating breweries.

Contactless Check-in

Demonstrate to your customers and staff that their safety is a priority. No need to come in contact with books or flyers that have been passed around.

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Scan the Activation Code to Check-in
ER ale trail
"This seems like a great program to help kick-start the re-opening after the pandemic. Looking forward to whatever else is available in the coming months."
Dead Lizard Brewing Company

View the recording of the initial presentation

Access password: 3F&#H?f+


Most frequent questions and answers

Click the ADD MY BREWERY button and enter your info. We will verify your entry and mail you the check-in codes.

We will mail you a check-in code printed on  water-resistant paper (which can be sanitized). After your guest makes a purchase just place it on the bar and the guest will scan the code with the app. This checks them in and displays any award notification.

We will invoice each brewery during the first week of June for the program payment. Once the T-shirt and shipping expense has been calculated, we will invoice each brewery for their share of the prize expense.

Our flexible, mobile platform helps keep your customers interested and engaged with new trails, features and rewards. We will announce our July program in early June.

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