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Connecting craft beer drinkers with local breweries

The Crackem mobile app provides multiple incentives for customers to visit your brewery.

Crackem Features

Location Awareness

Crackem displays breweries closest to the user’s current location, and gives turn-by-turn driving directions. Also lists takeout options, online ordering sites, and links to your untappd page to view beer menus.

Redeemable offers

Money-saving offers attract customers to your brewery and our contactless process makes redemption a breeze. Offers can be changed at any time and can be set for one-time use or a defined redemption interval.

Sunshine Brewery Experience

Crackem users check-in at the selected number of breweries during the month and get entered into a drawing for great prizes. But that’s not all.  Crackem users are randomly awarded gifts just by checking in. This enhances the experience at participating breweries and keeps customers engaged.

CHeck-in and WIn

Our participating breweries have the option to award random gifts when someone checks in at your venue. Gift cards, earbuds, air fryers, portable speakers, and TV’s are just some of the items Crackem users have received just by checking in.

Florida Ale Trail

Crackem is about to launch a statewide ale trail in Florida.  Earn rewards for visiting 10, 25, or 50 breweries. Stay tuned to get rewarded for visiting great breweries all over the state!

customer surveys

Knowing how your customers feel about their experience at your venue provides valuable insight. Let us show you how our survey engine can help you avoid public negative reviews.

Pay It Forward - Coming Soon

Ever wanted to buy a beer for a first responder or a veteran or an essential worker? Now you can. The Pay It Forward feature allows you to purchase an item at a brewery that can be redeemed by the person you choose.

New features = New customer visits

We are always working to identify new incentive programs we can use to drive traffic to our breweries and we have some very exciting programs planned for 2021. More visits = more sales!

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